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Sea salt chocolate 

Chilli chocolate


Chocolate salted caramel 

Peanut butter

Peanut butter and Oreo

Bacon, maple and pecan


Chocolate peppermint

Mulled wine

Vegan plain chocolate

Vegan Oreo and Biscoff

Vegan peanut butter & Oreo

Chocolate and fresh raspberry

Gluten & dairy free chocolate, avocado and coconut oil



White chocolate

White chocolate and raspberry

White chocolate and pecan

Chocolate chip

Peanut butter


White chocolate

White chocolate and raspberry

White chocolate and pecan

Confetti cookies

Dark chocolate & sea salt 

Peanut butter

Pre designed cakes


We cater for gluten free, dairy free, egg free and vegan, please contact us with your dietary requirements and we can advise you with the appropriate flavours. 




Victoria sandwich

Vanilla and salted caramel

Caramel Biscoff

Chocolate and salted caramel 

Chocolate fudge

Chocolate Nutella 

Chocolate Oreo

Chocolate Peanut butter

Chocolate orange

Baileys Chocolate and cream cheese

Chocolate Guinness

Chocolate fresh raspberry and vanilla

Snickers chocolate 

Rocky Road

Peanut butter and jam

Red velvet

Raspberry, rose and pistachio

Rose and pistachio

Raspberry ripple

Lemon and blueberry 

Lemon cake with lemon curd

Courgette and lemon 

Spice pumpkin 

Coconut and lime

Fresh ginger 

Vegan chocolate fudge

Vegan chocolate biscoff

Vegan chocolate, raspberry & vanilla

Vegan chocolate Oreo

Vegan carrot & walnut 

Vegan courgette, lemon & walnut

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